Lingam Massage

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Indian Lingam Worship

That'€™s not an easy phrase to get a hold of. The real lingam is very hard too. But she gets to grips with it. Soon she has it in hand. Plenty of oil makes it easy. Her fingers slide everywhere that a man is most sensitive. She moves from base to tip in this sexy penis massage. She is sometimes firm and sometimes playful. Always she makes sure she brings him nearer to fulfillment. At last he can hold it in no longer. The outcome is spectacular. When it comes to massage, she is right on the ball.

Lingam ( Penis) Massage Volume One

Tantric Goddess Zana performs a full penis massage on this male model - lingam being the Sanskrit word for the penis. Cock massage allows men to experience longer, deeper orgasms and teaches through the deepening of the man'€™s consciousness complete control over his ejaculation. This is a rare opportunity to watch a Tantric expert sharing the secrets of this sacred massage practice.

Penis Massage

A new dimension for penis massage. There has never been such an arousing yet tender massage of a man on film as this. As she starts with a slow, slow oiling of his body - legs, thighs and beyond - his manhood responds to her caresses. The more he is fondled by the enchanted masseuse, the more the film reveals each stage of his arousal. You'll wonder how long he can hold back his excitement - and how long you can - before the explosive eruption.

Tantric Massage Volume One

Experience the ancient sexual techniques of Tantric massage in this erotic film featuring a male client. Performed by our in-house masseuse Zana, a highly experienced Tantric Goddess from Hungary, this explicit film was shot in Paris. Zana take you through a full Tantric Massage session featuring all the sacred rituals such as Bonding, Tantric Play and Yoni/Lingam gazing. This is a unique opportunity to watch a complete Tantric Massage.

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